Chicken Soup

Homemade soup of Chicken,

Rice, Onions, Peas, and Carrots.


Creamy Lentil Soup

A vegan soup composed of Lentil, Rice, Onions.

All ground together in a homemade mixture.



An authentic Middle Eastern Salad

uniquely composed of mostly Parsley

and made with Tomatoes, Cracked Wheat, chopped Onions and finished with

Lemon Juice, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Thyme® Salad

A Middle Eastern take on a House Salad: Prepared with Fresh Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Onions, Lemon Juice, Olive Oil.


Fattoush Salad

Prepared with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Radish, Thyme, Green Peppers, Parsley, Olive Oil, Sumac, Lemon Juice served with Thyme® Pita Chips. Fattoush Dressing on the side.




Comes With Thyme® Pita Chips



A Middle Eastern Dip Composed of Feta Cheese, Thyme, Onions, Tomatoes, Green Peppers and Topped With Olive Oil with Thyme® Pita Chips

Baba Ghanouj


An Eggplant Puree That Comes with Tahini, Lemon juice and Includes Thyme® Pita Chips

French Fries


Garlic Paste


Authentic Middle Eastern

Garlic Paste

Grape Leaf (7 pieces)


Your choice of either

Beef or Veggie.

Thyme® Pita Chips


A Middle Eastern Snack That Can Be Eaten Alone Or With Any Dipping Sauce


$1.49 ea.

Miniature fried pastry pockets stuffed with Ground Beef, Onions and Spices.

Pumkin Kibbé Balls

$1.49 ea.

Blended Pumpkin and Cracked Wheat, stuffed with Spinach and Chickpeas.

Meat Kibbé Balls

$1.49 ea.

Blended Ground Meat and Cracked Wheat. Stuffed with Ground Beef, Onions and specials Spices.


Spinach Pies

$1.49 ea.

Triangular baked soft dough stuffed with Spinach, chopped Onions and Spices.

Meat Pies

$1.49 ea.

Falafel Sandwich


A Pita Wrap that comes with Tomatoes, Radish, Pickled Turnips and Tahini Sauce in a specially prepared Falafel Balls.

Chicken Shawarma Sandwich


Shawarma Chicken Straight Off The Rotisserie Machine

Served With Garlic, Lettuce, Pickles and French Fries all

Wrapped In a Pita Bread.

Beef Shawarma



A Pita Wrap served with Marinated Beef, Parsley, Sweet Red Onions, Tomatoes and

Tahini Sauce.

Chicken Kabob



Marinated Chicken served with Lettuce, Garlic Paste, Pickles and French Fries in a Pita Wrap.




Tender Lamb In A Pita Wrap With Hummus, Lettuce and Tomatoes

Kafta Kabob Sandwich


Kafta Kabob with Hummus, Parsley, Tomatoes and Sweet Red Onions all in a Pita Wrap.

Steak Tip



Sirloin Tips in a wrap with Hummus, Lettuce and Tomatoes.


Vegan Wrap


French Fries, Garlic paste, Lettuce and pickles in a Pita wrap.



A vegan dish of

cooked Lentils and Oats.

Chicken Kabob Platter


Marinated Chicken Served over Rice with sides of Hummus and Salad.

Kibbé Slice


Blended Ground Meat and Cracked Wheat, Stuffed with Ground Beef, Onions and specials Spices.

Kafta Kabob Platter


Kafta Kabob served over Rice with sides of Hummus and Salad.

Falafel Platter


Falafel Balls with Turnip and Radish, Baba Ghanouj and

Tahini Sauce.

Chicken Shawarma Platter


Chicken Shawarma served over French Fries with Garlic Sauce, Pickles and Salad.

Steak Tip Platter


Sirloin Tips severed over Rice with sides of Hummus and Salad.

Beef Shawarma Platter


Marinated Beef served over Rice with a topping Tahini Sauce and sides of Hummus and Salad.

Lamb Platter


Lamb Served over Rice with sides of Hummus and Salad.

Trio Platter


Chicken Kabobs, Kafta Kabobs, an option of Steak Tips or Lamb served over Rice with sides of Hummus and Salad.

Mixed Shawarma Platter


Chicken, Marinated Beef served over Rice with Tahini Sauce and sides of Hummus and Salad.


French Pastries & Custom Ordered Cakes for all occasions



Lazy Cake


Strawberry Sable

Chocolate Sable




Black Forest Cake Slice


Bottled Water


Turkish Coffee (small pot)


Assorted Sodas






Ask for Daily Plates

for today’s specials and pricing.

  *as shown,         stands for vegetarian.

**before placing your order, please inform us if a person in your party has a food allergy.

***please be advised that consuming raw, cooked to order or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illnesses, especially if you have certain medical conditions.  + 7% state meal tax to all orders. prices and items are subject to change without notice.

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